Our book tour has launched! We signed copies of sleights of mind in the worth publishers booth at the society for neuroscience’s annual conference in San Diego last monday-Tuesday. On Thursday night, we were at the new York academy of sciences, for a joint presentation with James (aka the amaz!ng) randy, skeptic extraordinaire and founder of the one million dollar paranormal challenge, for anybody who can demonstrate psychic abilities in a controlled environment. Randi spoke about the dangers of making unfounded assumptions, both as spectators of magic shows and in life. Some of randi’s recent endeavors include debunking claims from homeopathic medicine. I highly recommend watching randi’s Ted lecture of 200?, in which he swallowed a “lethal” dose of homeopathic sleep pills onstage. A great stunt, here is the link: http://www.ted.com/talks/james_randi.html